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Investment Projects

As private investment bankers, our networks throughout the agribusiness sector enable us to quickly source investment opportunities for New Zealand and international clients. On behalf of clients we undertake the following:

Identification of investment opportunities

  • monitor various industry sectors for investment opportunities
  • utilise established networks to source information
  • regularly review product markets for opportunities
  • consider risk profiles and requirements

Strategy development

  • consider all investment options associated with an opportunity
  • identify key risks and options to mitigate
  • undertake strategic analysis to develop options
  • present and consider options
  • provide strategic plans

Feasibility studies

  • provide full and detailed financial analysis
  • undertake market research and analysis
  • undertake risk analysis and consider the impact of key risks
  • determine the feasibility/likely returns of the opportunity

Development of business structures

  • consider investor requirements of business structure
  • take account of all legal and tax implications
  • consider the governance/management requirements
  • establish appropriate constitution and management agreements

Preparation of information memorandum

  • present a full and thorough analysis of the opportunity
  • provide a clear assessment of risks and the potential to mitigate
  • ensure investors are able to make an informed decision

Raising capital from investors

  • introduce projects to investors who have signalled an interest
  • make known investors aware of opportunities to invest

Management of investment

  • undertake an ongoing investment management role where applicable
  • ensure suitable management structures and people are in place
  • provide regular updates and information to shareholder investors
  • facilitate share sales where required
  • act on investor requests and requirements

Realising value

  • remain aware of all opportunities to realise value from the investment
  • highlight these opportunities to investors
  • manage value realisation were required

Our policy on risk in assessing all investments is summarised as follows:

  1. There is no return without risk: Rewards go to those who take risks.
  2. Be transparent: Risk will be explicitly stated.
  3. Seek experience: Risk is measured and managed by people, not mathematical models, and Nimmo-Bell will always employ experienced people to analyse and manage projects.
  4. Know what you don’t know: Nimmo-Bell will question all assumptions made so that as far as practicable it removes unknown factors from decisions, and will always explain assumptions made that we are not clear about.
  5. Communicate: Risks will be discussed openly with investors at all times in the project’s life.
  6. Diversity: Investing in a range of projects with different risks will always produce more consistent rewards.
  7. Show discipline: A consistent and rigorous approach will beat a constantly changing strategy, so Nimmo-Bell will stick to its original game plan unless this is held to be untenable.
  8. Use common sense: It is better to be approximately right, than to be precisely wrong, so Nimmo-Bell will always blend common sense with documented plans.
  9. Return is only half the equation: Decisions will be made only by considering the risk and return of the possibilities.



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