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Domestic and International Services

>Finance, Economics and Investment

Using a range of well proven methodologies and in-house frameworks we undertake work across the primary industry sector in the following:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Prioritising resource allocation for research and development
  • Quantified risk analysis(QuRA)
  • Investment appraisal
  • Capital structuring
  • Macro economic modelling

Strategy and Policy development

Supported by many years experience in policy development we assist government and industry organisations across a range of areas including:

  • Analysis of operating environments
  • Strategic planning and assessing strategic options

Business case development

Working with our clients we are able to develop business cases based on:

  • Sound research using an extensive range of networks
  • Financial analysis incorporating risk through QuRA
  • Presentation of results and planning requirements

Relevant work examples >

Horizons One Plan: Economic analysis of the dairy component

Nimmo-Bell worked with the Horizons Regional Council and DairyNZ to generate assumptions for three scenarios around different implementation strategies for reducing nitrogen loss into the region's sensitive water ways. The analysis showed that it is possible to reduce nitrogen loss significantly while retaining the viability of rural communities and profitable dairy farms. The analysis was supported by the Council as a way forward to improve environmental outcomes while retaining farm and rural community viability. Click here for full report. Also see in the news.

Valuing freshwater outcomes in Tasman District

Nimmo-Bell is a member of a multidisciplinary team developing an integrated valuation and monitoring framework for improved freshwater outcomes in Tasman District. Nimmo-Bell's responsibilities are to lead the elicitation and assessment of freshwater value sets; assist in the development of a methodology to derive total economic value for changes to freshwater; and to assist in refining freshwater management decision-making tools. This is a FRST funded project over three years to 2013. Nimmo-Bell is a sub-contractor to Landcare Research.

Lake Rotorua Intervention packages

Nimmo-Bell is responsible for economic aspects of the development of intervention packages for Lake Rotorua. Specific responsibilities include the development of fully costed options for land-use change to reduce nutrients from entering the lake from rural land use, and the development of intervention packages over three different time-frames to maximise the reduction in nutrients for best impact and value for money. Nimmo-Bell is a sub-contractor to Beca under a contract with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Waikato River Independent Scoping Study

Nimmo-Bell led the economic analysis for the Waikato River Independent Scoping Study (WRISS) for the Guardians Establishment Committee.  This analysis provided a robust costing of proposed actions to restore the health and wellbeing of the River over the next 30 years.  Issues relating to valuing the non-market benefits of the clean up and climate change were also canvassed. The aim was to assist decision-making by the eventual co-management body about allocating the $310 million clean-up fund to maximise net social benefit. Nimmo-Bell was sub-contracted to NIWA and the project was funded by MfE.

Kapiti Water Project

Nimmo-Bell led the economic analysis of options to secure the long term supply of potable water for the Kapiti District. The analysis included cost effectiveness evaluation of a diverse range of potential solutions ranging from dams, to run of river and aquifer recharge and storage. The assessment of non-market values was an important component of the analysis as was a quantitative analysis of the risks associated with the different options using Nimmo-Bell's QuRATM methodology.

Strategic Review of the Philippine dairy industry

Nimmo-Bell conducted a strategic review of the Philippine dairy industry and assessed the potential for sustainable growth.  The review concluded with a strategy for targeted assistance to overcome barriers to growth.

>Verification Programme Design

Working in conjunction with buyers and suppliers we develop standards and verification programs for supply of fruit and vegetables grown in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner following good agricultural practices. We have:

  • Developed a program for supply of beef from Australia for a Japanese supermarket,
  • Developed a program for purchase of pork raised without GMO feed and antibiotic for a Japanese supermarket
  • Reviewed accreditation programs for the US based Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • Provided training and presentations on effective methods to assure food at retail levels
  • Reviewed organic food certification programs for New Zealand and international clients.

Relevant work examples >

>Environmental Policy Development

With an increasing focus on environmental factors (land and water use) associated with primary industry production we have worked with clients to:

  • assess costs associated with land use change
  • estimate likely future land use
  • provide catchment wide estimates of cost associated with land use restrictions
  • facilitate discussion ready future land management options
  • provide macro economic impact assessment models for land use change
  • apply contingent valuation techniques to estimate societies willingness to pay
  • provide independent assessment of issues and options

>Food and Fibre Market Monitoring

We have an in depth understanding of national and international markets for all of New Zealand's primary produce. This has resulted in the company undertaking a wide range of sector reviews and competitor analyses for many of New Zealand's major corporates.

Specific work undertaken includes:

  • Competitor country analysis
  • Agricultural production trends
  • Agri -food and fibre consumption trends
  • New Zealand production and consumption trends
  • Competitor product analysis
  • Strategic review of:
    1. Added value in the processed food sector in New Zealand
    2. New Zealand food statistics

Relevant work examples >

>Project Management

Nimmo-Bell has for many years managed projects in the primary industry sector. This has involved land development and investment projects requiring a range of skills and expertise. Our ability to provide value for our clients is enhanced by a wide range of networks and skilled associates. Tasks we undertake for our clients include:

Property development

  • development planning and budgeting
  • obtaining and meeting requirements of resource consents
  • contracting necessary expertise and resources
  • overseeing physical development work
  • regular monitoring and reporting against planned timing and expenditure

Investment management

  • OIC approval
  • provision of financial forecasts and feasibility studies
  • ongoing supervisory role
  • regular investor updates

Financial management

  • budgeting and financial planning
  • monthly financial recording and reporting
  • provision of regular management accounts
  • provision of year end financial reports

Relevant work examples >

>FRST Project NIMMO501 - Valuing Biodiversity

In the 2005/06 round of FRST project approvals Nimmo-Bell was awarded a $1.3 million contract over four years to develop a Decision Support System (DSS) for Biosecurity New Zealand (BNZ). The project was completed in 2010 with the publication of a manual and primer for MAF BNZ. The resulting augmented DSS is available to be implemented by BNZ when required to aid to decision making on allocating resources to protect indigenous biodiversity from exotic pest and disease incursions. Chris Baddeley, Policy Manager in MAF BNZ has declared the outputs of the project fit for purpose.

In April 2011 the manual and primer were revised to take into account developments in Brian Bell's PhD thesis. Brian's graduation at Waikato University in May 2011 fulfilled the remaining obligation of the contract relating to professional development.>

Valuing Biodiversity- Project information pages >



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